Tioga Downs Stakes Races Schedule  View Poster PDF

NY Sire Stakes$120,000(e) Legs - NY Sire Stakes
May 23 (Post Time 6:15pm) 3-Year-Old Colt Trot
June 1 (Post Time 1:30pm) 3-Year-Old Colt Pace
June 23 (Post Time 6:15pm) 3-Year-Old Filly Trot
June 28 (Post Time 6:15pm) 3-Year-Old Filly Pace
July 11 (Post Time 6:15pm) 2-Year-Old Filly Trot
July 18 (Post Time 6:15pm) 2-Year-Old Colt Trot
August 10 (Post Time 1:30pm) 2-Year-Old Colt Pace
September 4 (Post Time 6:15pm) 2-Year-Old Colt/Filly Trot
Roll With Joe$200,000(e) - Roll With Joe
June 1 (Post Time 1:30pm) Open Pace
Tompkins Geers$350,000(e) - Tompkins Geers
August 3 (Post Time 1:30pm) 2-Year-Old Colt/Filly Pace
August 17 (Post Time 1:30pm) 2&3-Year-Old Colt/Filly Trot
Empire Breeders Classic$12,500(e) - Empire Breeders Classic
August 3 (Post Time 1:30pm) Eliminations 3-Year-Old Pace
$500,000(e) - Empire Breeders Classic
August 10 (Post Time 1:30pm) Finals 3-Year-Old Pace
Kindergarten Classic$10,000(e) - Kindergarten Classic
August 24 (Post Time 1:30pm) Leg #2
Cane Pace$350,000(e) - Cane Pace
September 1 (Post Time 1:30pm) Final Open Pace
Sahdy Daisy$110,000(e) - Shady Daisy
September 1 (Post Time 1:30pm) 3-Year-Old Filly Pace
Drivers Championship$50,000(e) - Drivers' Championship
September 1 (Post Time 1:30pm) Final
Miss Versatility$40,000(e) - Miss Versatility
September 1 (Post Time 1:30pm) Open Mare Trot
Reynolds Stakes$125,000(e) - Reynolds Stakes
September 4 (Post Time 6:15pm) 2-Year-Old Colt/Filly Trot
September 12 (Post Time 6:15pm) 2-Year-Old Colt/Filly Pace